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Studio Pieces

Catherine Oxley

Flowers tell the story.  Floral paper artist Catherine Oxley takes inspiration from the abundance of nature's beautiful flowers to create exquisite hand made blooms.  "Life's celebrated moments are marked with the gift of flowers.  My paper floral creations are crafted to honour the spirit and love in which flowers are shared, one petal at a time".

Over 350 hand cut petals makeup my giant wall hanging peony

Hand Crafted

In the rolling hills of equestrian epicenter King City, Catherine works out of her studio in her country home.  It is here that  her artistry of paper florals unfolds into delicate recreations, fashioned with love and meticulous craftsmanship.

Catherine aspires to create florals that seem to grow and thrive from their vessels.  Using various techiniques to colour and shape the petals, her pieces embody the beauty and character of their living counterparts with the benefit that they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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