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Catherine Oxley - Floral Paper Artist

Catherine Oxley - Floral Paper ArtistLife has come full cirlce.  Catherine was a creative child, always crafting, drawing and making from whatever materials she had on hand at home.  Its been an interesting journey that has lead her back to her creative roots.  The barriers that we construct as adults can sometimes hinder us from the fulfillment that our creativity can bring.  She struggled with this for many years until she finally decided to follow her passion for design and the arts and she'll never look back.

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.  Catherine was a model for over 20 years, on the runway for luxury design houses such as Chanel and Hugo Boss and enjoyed regular work with Canadian fashion magazines and commercial household brands.  She is currently a film/television actor who has appeared in countless commercials, feature films and tv series and worked with actors such as Jessica Chastaine, Vin Diesel and Laura Linney.  Catherine achieved a computer science degree and worked for many years as a web developer.  But her story is not unique, we read more and more about emerging artists whom have left their vocations to pursue their artistic endevours.  A true testament that the human spirit hungers for what makes us truly happy.

Catherine launched BOUQ Paper flowers in October after more than a year of consideration.  During this time, she studied the artistry of paper flower making, learning and honing her skills to create works with her own distinctive style.  It is her goal to spread the joy that paper flowers can bring to one's life.  Its a beautiful study of what mother nature bears to us each and every moment, with little effort.

Paper flower arrangements afford people the same beauty and luxury of real flowers with the benefit of retaining the pieces for a lifetime. Tropical, rare or otherwise unattainable florals can be re-created with paper without the worry of special care to ensure the arrangement is long lasting.

"Everyone loves flowers but sometimes they are prohibitive due to allergies, necessary care or budget. I hope that my floral creations will spread the love and joy that flowers bring to life."

BOUQ Paper Flowers collections include life-sized recreations of floral arrangements that seem to grow and thrive from their vases. Catherine's artistry of paper florals involves the intricate manipulation of European fine crepe papers by hand cutting petals, and utilizing a number of colouring techniques to ensure realistic and organic looking compositions.

"I put my heart and soul into each piece that I create and look forward to making a unique statement piece for you to be enjoyed for many years."

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