Catherine Oxley is the artist behind BOUQ Paper Flowers.  Based in Canada, Catherine has over 25 years in the fashion, television and film industry, working with top designers for print and runway, and A-list actors in feature films and television series.  The exposure to a plethora of print campaigns and commercials over the years have given her a keen eye for art direction and helped her develop a style and brand that represents her work with signature style.

Catherine’s flowers have been prominent in magazine editorials, fashion creatives, and retail events.  She appeared on Canada’s top morning show, Cityline with Tracy Moore, where she presented exotic paper flower reproductions for special events.  Her work also appears in ‘The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2020: Sustainable Florals’ guide published by Wedding Bells magazine.

With a passion to spread the love and joy of paper flowers, Catherine launched her online school Studio BOUQ to offer courses in creating realistic flowers.  Her videos guide you through the entire paper flower making process, from paper to completed flower and even arrangement into full bouquets.  As a companion to the online courses, the BOUQ Studio Box provides all of the materials, tools and instruction needed to complete a variety of paper flower projects.

“There is a need for courses that reflect the true character and spirit of living flowers.  This allows each artist’s creativity to blossom from a first foundation of accurate realism, ensuring we work from the original basis of the beauty we found so alluring.  From there, your journey is your own”.