The Hottest Wedding Trends For 2020

The Hottest Wedding Trends For 2020

The importance of being eco-friendly extends to the careful planning of your wedding day.  When Wedding Bells Editor Alison McGill reached out to me for their upcoming article "The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2020", I was excited to provide them with a sustainable floral solution that would be inline with the trend towards eco-friendly wedding celebrations.

The direction was to create a vintage inspired floral arrangement full of antique roses in various shades of pink, from light to dusty.  This was achieved by a plethora of pink Hybrid roses, compact white and pink Earth Angel roses and even some blush Hellebores to provide some interest.

To top it off, the entire arrangement was grounded in an antique crystal vase from France.  This vintage find was a great way to showcase the flowers and demonstrate how found objects can be utilized with your flowers to create original and stunning looks.

A beautiful collection of paper flowers such as this can be reused over and over throughout the years for different important celebrations.  The piece is an artisanal display that would surely become a cherished heirloom. 

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Vintage Inspired Floral Arrangement | BOUQ Paper Flowers
Styling | Emily Howes
Photography | Maya Visnyei
Publication | Wedding Bells Magazine