Artist Statement

I never truly appreciated the beauty of flowers until recreating them.  Yes, I admired their general appearance, colours, and scent, yet much of their intricate details were lost on me.  When I began floral art, I was drawn to look beyond overall form and identify the parts that make each flower unique.  Their secrets are entrancing.  A transformative experience of subtleties, nuances and movement, telling their own unique story of who they are, how they dance, how they unfold.

Flowers bring a sense of calm and an appreciation of their effortless beauty.  As each bloom develops in hand, I am continually amazed and challenged by the process of recreating their spirit and essence.  The process is true.  The completed work is a direct reflection of the quietness of mind and power of observation.

My work is through the medium of fine European crepe papers.  Each flower is created by hand cutting, sculpting, and shaping paper petals that have been tinted, dyed or washed to mimic nature’s palette.  The work is derived from accurate realism to ensure each flower is recreated from the original basis of the beauty found so alluring.

Catherine Oxley is the artist behind BOUQ Paper Flowers.  Based in Canada, Catherine has over 25 years in the fashion, television and film industry.  The exposure to media campaigns over the years have helped her develop a style and brand that represents her work with signature style.  Catherine has been featured on City TV’s Cityline and in editorials such as La Botanica Magazine (NY | Milan), Wedding Bells Magazine and Today’s Bride.