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Online tutorials and workshops announced in April 2019!

Its been an exciting journey to launch the Studio BOUQ online school at Teachable! So I welcome you to my new endeavour of sharing the techniques and skills I have learned to make gorgeous crepe paper flowers that will fool anyone into thinking they are real!

There is so much to learn with this artistry and its easy to get lost or frustrated and wonder how others are able to achieve such beautiful flowers. This is where I would like to be your new resource for learning and finding the answers you are looking for.

I've taken a lot of the trial and error out of your learning curve and headed straight to the techniques that will produce the most organic looking paper flowers. This translates to working quickly and efficiently, producing the most gorgeous blooms you never thought possible.

Let's get started, please enroll today @ Studio BOUQ!


"Elevate Your Petals From Stiff To Stunning" is a must for anyone looking to create beautiful, more realistic blooms. Whether you are new to paper flower making, or would like an inside look at how I create my gorgeous blooms, this course is for you!

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"The DIY Bomb Peony" tutorial was created exclusively for City Tv's Cityline! This beautiful flower was designed to be an easy and quick way for you to DIY your own paper flowers at home.

Course Fee: FREE

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