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Have an arrangment in mind? Want your wedding bouquet replicated? Would you like to create a statement wall in your home?

Custom doesn't have to mean expensive.  At BOUQ Paper Flowers, it means you get exactly what you're looking for.  I hand craft each of the flowers that I make.  This means that in a sense, all of my flowers are custom!  A custom order surplus charge is made to cover the cost of papers outside of my regular inventory or if hand painting is required.  If you have something special in mind, please visit the Enquiries page to contact me with your project details.

The custom work I can create includes, but is not limited to:

Sometimes you have a vision of a floral arrangement or have seen something online that you would like to have created.  I am able to work from your images to create a replica of the arrangement in any colour and scale that you would like.  The benefit of my paper flowers is that they can be tailored to the look you would like to achieve and also match your decor perfectly.

Wedding Florals
I am very excited to see that more and more people are turning to paper florals for their wedding day.  Fresh florals can be quite expensive, especially when you consider that they parish so quickly.  Not only do paper flowers look organic, but you can preserve the memory of your special day by keeping your arrangements - long after the first dance.

Wall Decor
The very first time I created a giant flower was for a client for whom I was designing a nursery.  The scale and texture of the flower hung on the wall created such an impact in the room.  The look is truly unique and an easy way to create a statement wall in your home.

Custom Displays
Paper flowers are an excellent option for your store's display as the options available in colour and scale are limitless.  The only limit is the imagination as paper flowers afford a sense of wonder and interest from their viewers.

Florals are used in fashion and design editorials to complement the products on offer and provide texture and visual interest to the artistic concept of the photo.  They also do not wilt or discolour over the course of the shoot and under the hot lighting.

Large floralscapes can impart a sense of fantasy to your venue.  The quality of paper flowers encourages interaction from your guests as they marvel that the flowers are indeed made from paper!  Custom takeaway flowers are a nice gesture to your clients and guests and can be created to reflect the colour and style of your brand.

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