Legacy Courses

This felt like the right thing to do. 

Recently, I celebrated 20k followers on Instagram by reducing the enrolment fee for StudioBOUQ online courses to just $20 CAD for a 20 hour period.  The response was overwhelming!

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I received countless emails from people thanking me for the sale, stating that this was either the break they needed to finally purchase the course, or that they've always wanted to purchase but needed entry at a lower price point.  Some people just said 'thank you', that this offer gave them joy and hope for the new year!  And as the thank yous poured in, I took a step back to reconsider pricing.

An artist's work is reflective of the countless hours of exploration and expertise, to which they apply to what they do.  Add to it, the online platform of delivering courses and there are many hours of filming, editing and designing the course delivery.  All in all, the final price you are paying is not only for the course itself, but for so much more that went into it to make it a reality.

The communication I received got me thinking about the longevity of those courses and what that means.  There is an excitement and value to new courses and they are priced as a premium because they are the latest and greatest of tips and techniques that I am currently using in my own studio.  The sales of new releases offers me a return on the investments made to design, create and deliver the course to the online platform.  Over time and as a course ages, its new counterparts are more popular in sales but are no less their worth other than they are not new.  They have value, but value in that they now become more accessible to a wider audience if priced accordingly.

So this is what I've done: All Legacy Courses are priced at $20 CAD.  Again, a Legacy Course is any online course that is 2+ years of age.  This feels right and I am excited to bring more paper flower making to more people.  If you'd like to share your thoughts, please reach out to me at catherine@bouqpaperflowers.com

See all current Legacy Courses