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Wedding Bells Magazine Online Feature

Wedding Bells Magazine Online Feature

I'm very excited to announce that Wedding Bells Magazine has featured BOUQ Paper Flowers at weddingbells.ca!  It is a dream come to true to be featured in a magazine of such prestige and authority on all things wedding :)

I find it difficult to put my journey into words when asked to submit a profile on myself and my business.  There are so many facets to the pieces I create, and how I came to starting this business.  Editor Alison McGill of Wedding Bells did a super job in capturing the essence of my work and related it to how brides can benefit from using paper flowers for their wedding decor.

I will be partnering with Wedding Bells in an exciting upcoming event (details to come) so you could say that I'm a busy gal these days and cherishing the acknowledgement of my flowers as this has become a true labour of love.

Why Paper Flowers Are An Artful And Amazing Wedding Option
by Alison McGill


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